The Equal Pay Act requires employers to pay men and women equally for work which requires substantially equal skill, effort, and responsibility, performed in the same establishment under similar working conditions. However, the law does not prohibit gender differences in pay for equal work when that difference is due to seniority, training, or a merit system, or for any reason other than sex.

Pay disparities for reasons such as race, age, and disability are also illegal as forms of prohibited employment discrimination. 

Elzer Law Firm, LLC has extensive experience in Pittsburgh equal pay cases and is ready to fight for your right to equal pay.  Attorney Christine T. Elzer has been published on the subject of the Equal Pay Act in the
Georgetown Journal of Gender and Law, and has presented on Equal Pay Act topics to other lawyers. Her writing regarding the Equal Pay Act was cited in testimony before Congress in favor of expanding the Equal Pay Act.

If you believe that you are being denied equal pay because of your gender or another protected reason, contact Elzer Law Firm, LLC for a free consultation.

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