Pittsburgh Unpaid Wages Lawyer

​​​Pennsylvania law protects employees’ rights to agreed-upon salary, bonuses, and benefits.  If your employer has failed to pay you for work you performed (including any agreed-upon bonus or severance), you may have a claim under the Pennsylvania Wage Payment and Collection Law.  This law provides not only for payment of unpaid wages, but also allows for penalties and reimbursement of attorneys’ fees and costs. You may also have a claim for breach of contract if your employer failed to honor the terms of a written or verbal agreement regarding compensation.

You deserve to be paid what your employer agreed to pay you. If your employer has failed to pay you in whole or in part, you may need an employment attorney to help you collect your unpaid wages. The attorneys at Elzer Law Firm have extensive experience in unpaid wage cases, including in obtaining a jury verdict for failure to pay an agree-upon severance.

Wage theft is illegal. Please contact us for a consultation regarding your unpaid wages today.