Pregnant women are protected  from discrimination in the workplace. It is illegal to fire or fail to hire a woman because she is pregnant. Pregnancy discrimination also includes an employer taking action against an employee because of assumptions about what pregnant women typically do, or should do.

Employers with at least 50 employees within 75 miles are required under the
FMLA to provide up to twelve weeks of unpaid leave for pregnancy and for the birth of a child, once the employee has been employed for at least one year and has worked 1250 hours in the previous year.  Male employees are also entitled to paternity leave if they are covered by the FMLA.

While employers are not always required to provide accommodations, such as light duty, to pregnant women, they may be required to do so if they provide accommodations to non-pregnant workers.  Also, if your pregnancy causes a
disability, you may be entitled to an accommodation.

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