Pittsburgh Employment Retaliation Lawyer

​​In addition to prohibiting employment discrimination, the law also forbids employers from retaliating against employees for opposing employment discrimination or participating in an investigation.  Employees are protected from retaliation if they:

  • Complain they have been discriminated against based on race, sex, religion, national origin, age, or disability, or have been sexually harassed;

  • Complain that the employer has been discriminating against others;

  • Refuse to carry out a discriminatory order, such as firing an employee because of his race;

  • Request a reasonable accommodation because of a disability or religious practice;

  • Participate in an investigation where they oppose discrimination;

  • Testify in an employment discrimination case;

  • Speak with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission about discrimination.

Employees are protected from retaliation as long as they have a good faith belief that a violation of an anti-discrimination law has occurred.  In other words, the employee does not have to prove that discrimination actually happened.

Retaliation claims are unfortunately very common. If you believe an employer has retaliated against you because you made a good faith complaint of discrimination or another legal violation, please contacta Pittsburgh employment discrimination lawyer for a consultation.