Sometimes, when an employer lays off or fires an employee, it will offer a severance agreement. Severance agreements, also known as separation agreements, usually contain a waiver of the right to sue for any type of employment-related claim. They also may have other important legal provisions, such as confidentiality, an agreement not to say anything bad about the employer, ornot to compete with the employer. 

The employer almost definitely had the severance agreement drafted, or at least reviewed, by a lawyer.  Before signing the agreement and giving up your rights, you should have the agreement reviewed by a lawyer as well. 

Elzer Law Firm, LLC offers a reasonable flat rate or hourly rate to review and advise you on severance agreements.  In some cases, we may be able to negotiate a more favorable agreement for you. If you would like to have your severance agreement reviewed by an experienced employment law attorney,
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Severance Agreements